DAILY PROGRAM: 08.00 - 22.00

Restaurant Poiana Viselor - We are happy and proud of the best lamb in the cauldron from Poiana Marului. At the same time, master chefs, we confidently invite you to taste the other traditional Romanian dishes, accompanied on the menu by the famous veal soups, smoked beans in a bread bowl, belly - as befits the mountains, but also traditional pork or veal stews and stews, Transylvanian meatballs and sarmales, roosters and ducks on cabbage, homemade pickles and pies like at home! All will be sprinkled with naturally prepared hops and wines chosen for all tastes!

In warm weather, you can be accompanied on the terrace by Semeti mountains and romantic sunsets.

The parties are amazing here. And who knows how to party better, if not an innkeeper? We can organize events with festive meals and various menus, for any kind of celebration, including weddings, baptisms, engagements, accompanied by musical bands chosen by us or by you.

In the restaurant and on the terrace, the consumption of drinks and food purchased from outside the unit is prohibited.

Breakfast (50 lei/person) and dinner (100 lei/person) are served exclusively as a Swedish buffet with unlimited consumption.